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Top 10 Unexplained UFO Sightings & Alien Encounters


The Universe is defined as everything that physically exists, including all
forms of matter, energy, and momentum
.  A galaxy is a massive,
gravitationally bound system that consists of stars
and stellar remnants.
Over 100 billion galaxies exist in the observable universe.  Earth exists in
the Milky Way galaxy.  Since the 1930’s a high majority of strange and
unusual phenomenon have been reported in earth’s skies.
Thousands of UFO sightings have occurred in modern history, including
cases of alleged alien abduction.  It has been hypothesized that the
invention of the atom bomb has inspired interest from other life forms.  This
list documents unique claims and stories of alien encounters.  

10. Gulf Breeze, Florida Incident


The small town of Gulf Breeze, Florida has been the site of numerous UFO
sightings.  The most concentrated period of encounters was between
November 1987 and May 1988 and were centered around Ed and Frances
Walters.  The Walters captured over 40 photographs of the unexplained
objects and various scientists have conducted tests and studied the pictures,
claiming them to appear legitimate.  The Walters also claim that the aliens
attempted to abduct them and that Ed would get a humming noise in his
head when they approached.
They also report lost and unaccounted for time.  Over the years, many
people have attacked the Walters and their credibility.  The fact remains that
Ed is a successful contractor and respected member of society.  Hundreds
of other people in the Gulf Breeze area have reported the incidents.  In the
three year period of time surrounding the initial sightings, over 200 different
people came forward with videos and photographs of the unexplained flying


9. 2004 Mexican UFO Incident

On March 5, 2004 the Mexican military was conducting a routine air patrol
searching for drug smugglers over
Ciudad del Carmen, located in the eastern
coastal state of Campeche
.  The reconnaissance aircraft was equipped with
infrared radar instruments.  Initially, a single trace was identified by the crew,
which they immediately investigated.  With the plane's radar the crew
identified an object moving at incredible speeds.  The UFO disappeared,
only to return with another ten aircraft, making eleven in total.  The crew
attempted to get closer to the objects, but simply could not see them without
radar or infrared.
On May 13, 2004 Mexican journalist Jaime Maussan released his interview
with Mexican Air Force pilots showing the infrared video footage.  Many
scientists have studied the footage and are baffled by the trajectory of the
flying objects.  Skeptics claim that the video shows that the UFOs were
actually oil platform burn-off flares of the Cantarell oil field.       

8. Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter


On the evening of August 21, 1955, members of the Taylor family were on
vacation visiting the Suttons on their Kentucky farm, which was located near
the small town of Kelly and the small city of Hopkinsville.  A total of seven
people were sleeping in the farm house when strange noises began to
propel from the forest line.  The men grabbed their guns and headed outside
to explore the grounds.  Suddenly, a creature emerged in front of them.  The
creature is described as a luminous, three-and-a-half-foot-tall being with an
oversized head, pointed ears, glowing eyes, and hands with talons at their
ends.  It approached the men, so they unloaded their weapons on it.  The
being was not harmed and it reportedly sounded as if the bullets were hitting
a metal drum.  It ran away, but for the remainder the evening the families
were terrorized by a group of the creatures.

They were not physically intimidating, but they continued to peer into the
windows of the house, pounded on the roof, and were scaring the children.
The men shot out the windows and fired their weapons at the creatures.  It
was reported that their legs seemed to be atrophied and nearly useless, and
they appeared to propel themselves with a curious hip-swaying motion,
steering with their arms.  When falling from the roof of the house they would
float, not fall, to the ground.
The men eventually made a dash for town and gathered over twenty police
officers, but the creatures had disappeared.  Both families were extremely
traumatized by the experience and a Kentucky newspaper published articles
about the happening.  The descriptions and drawing of the creatures greatly
resemble the accounts of 15 children and 3 school staff in Dyfed, West
Wales, who observed small silvery men with spiked ears' and helmets
working around a UFO in 1977.


7. Dyatlov Pass Incident


In late January 1959 a group of experienced skiers and hikers set out on a
voyage across the northern Urals, which is near the Russian city of
Ekaterinburg.  Led by Igor Dyatlov, the goal of the expedition was to reach
the mountain of Otorten.  One evening the group set up camp on the slope
of the mountain.  As the group slept an event occurred and all the hikers
were killed.  The lifeless bodies of all nine people were mysteriously found
spread over a large area.  Many abnormalities had occurred.
There was evidence that the group fled their tents in the middle of the night
as they were ripped out from within.  Four of the hikers were determined to
have died from a force that could not have been inflicted by another human.
They had chest and head trauma equivalent to a high speed car crash.  The
bodies had no external signs of injury.  Some were wearing each others
clothes, one victim had no tongue, and large amounts of radioactive
contamination were found on their clothing. 
The Russian military
investigated the incident and determined the cause to be “an unknown
compelling force.”  Many suggest alien involvement.

The relatives of the deceased claimed that the skin of the victims had a
strange orange tan and that they were completely grey-haired.  Another
group of hikers in the vicinity reported strange orange spheres in the night
sky towards the location of the massacre.  In fact, there was an outbreak of
UFO reports by Soviet citizens during the period of February to March,
1959.  Some reports released claimed that scrap metal was scattered on the
mountain side.  Others claim the incident is the result of a Soviet military test
gone wrong.     

Discovered Tent


6. Travis Walton


On November 5, 1975, 18-year-old Travis Walton was working on a logging
crew in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest in Arizona.  His team was
heading home for the day, to the town of Snowflake, when they viewed a
bright light over an upcoming hill.  As the men approached the light they saw
a large silvery disc hovering above a clearing and shining brightly.  It was
around 8 feet (2.4 m) high and 20 feet (6.1 m) in diameter.  The men stopped
their vehicle and Walton jumped out and ran towards the light to gain a
closer view.  As he ran towards the craft it began to make loud noises
similar to a turbine and began to wobble from side to side.  The group would
later testify that they witnessed a beam of blue-green light emanate from the
disc and strike Travis.  He subsequently propelled into the air with his arms
and legs sprawled and outstretched.
The men feared another attack, so they left the scene.  After a short time
they returned, but Travis Walton was nowhere to be found. 
A man hunt and
media circus ensued.  The group of men who witnessed the events were
accused and given polygraph tests, which they all passed.  Just before
midnight on November 10, Grant Neff received a phone call from Travis
Walton claiming that he needed immediate help.  Neff discovered Walton
in a phone booth and he was wearing the same clothing as five days earlier,
had not shaven, and was extremely distraught.  Walton’s descriptions of the
events he experienced were astonishing.
He claimed that the last thing he remembered was being hit by light and when
he awoke, Travis said he was on a reclined bed.  A bright light shone above
him and the air was heavy and wet.  He was in pain and had some trouble
breathing, but his first thought was that he was in a normal hospital.  He was
surrounded by three figures, each wearing orange jumpsuits.  The creatures
were not human, but described as shorter than five feet, they had bald heads,
and no hair. Their heads were domed and very large.  They had enormous
brown eyes with not much white in them.  His descriptions were very similar
to the so-called Greys, which are creatures featured in many abduction


His accounts while being in the UFO are extremely interesting and they
include an experience with a tall human figure wearing blue coveralls with a
glassy helmet.  Walton claims the man had larger eyes then a human and
that they were gold in color.  He remembers being gassed and then waking
up at a Heber, Arizona gas station.  Many feel Walton’s accounts are
incorrect and he has gained much criticism in his life.  It remains one of the
most interesting and well documented cases of alien abduction.

5. Belgian UFO Wave


A series of unusual events took place in Belgium between November and
April of 1989
.  Over 2,000 people reported witnessing triangular shaped
UFO’s in various areas of the country.  The objects have been labeled black
triangles, which are a class of UFO’s common in many international
sightings, one of the most famous being over St. Petersburg, Russia, on
February 19, 1997.  The crafts are described by many observers as having
some sort of "running lights," either bright white lights or pulsing colored
lights. These lights usually appear at each corner of the triangle. Sometimes
a red pulsating light is seen in the center of the aircraft.

Black triangles remain shrouded in mystery.  On many different occasions
Belgian officials tracked the unknown objects on radar.  The objects were
always in triangular form and changed colors between red, green, and yellow.
F16’s attempted to follow the crafts and even managed to obtain radar lock
for a few seconds.  The first time the F16 managed to lock radar the UFO
accelerated from 150 mph to over 1,100 mph while changing altitude from
9,000 ft to 5,000 ft, then up to 11,000 ft before descending to almost ground
level.  It was the first descent of more than 3,000 feet taking less than two
seconds.  The incidents remain unexplained.


4. Cash-Landrum Incident


On the evening of December 29, 1980, Betty Cash, Vickie Landrum and
Colby Landrum were driving home to Dayton, Texas in Cash's Oldsmobile
Cutlass.  While driving on an isolated two-lane road the group spotted a
large light above the trees.  As the trio approached they witnessed a huge
diamond-shaped object, which hovered at treetop level. The object's base
was expelling flame and emitting significant heat.  It was described as an
intensely bright and a dull metallic silver upright diamond craft, the flame was
keeping the object air born.  The witnesses proclaimed that the heat was
strong enough to make the car’s metal body painful to touch.  At one point
Landrum’s hand pressed into the softened vinyl of the car, subsequently
leaving a lasting imprint.

As with many UFO encounters and incidents, a government cover-up is
claimed to be involved with this case.  As the group watched the UFO
gradually gain altitude they witnessed a squadron of 23 helicopters surround
the object in tight formation.  Dayton police officer, Detective Lamar Walker,
and his wife also claimed to have seen 12 Chinook-type helicopters near the
scene that night.  Claims have been made that the helicopters were assisting
a damaged UFO.  After the incident the group returned home and all suffered
from nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, generalized weakness, a burning sensation
in their eyes, and feeling as though they'd suffered sunburns.  Over the next
few days, Cash's symptoms worsened, with many large, painful blisters
forming on her skin.  She could not walk and had lost large patches of skin
and clumps of hair.  


A radiologist who examined the group determined that they were suffering
from secondary damage to ionizing radiation, with an infrared or ultraviolet
component as well.  Eventually, Cash and Landrum contacted their U.S.
Senators, Lloyd Bentsen and John Tower, who suggested that the witnesses
file a complaint with the Bergstrom Air Force Base.  They ended up suing
the U.S. government for $20 million in medical bills and damages.  The case
was dismissed in 1986, noting that the plaintiffs had not proved that the
helicopters were associated with the U.S. government and that a large,
diamond shaped aircraft did not exist in the U.S. fleet.  This is one of the
few UFO cases to result in criminal court proceedings.  It is also a Close
Encounter of the Second Kind, due to its reported physical effects on the
witnesses and their automobile.



3. Rendlesham Forest Incident


In late December of 1980 there was a series of reported sightings of
unexplained lights and the alleged landing of an extraterrestrial spacecraft in
Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, England.  The events began in the early
morning of December 26 when a downed aircraft was reported near the
East Gate of RAF Woodbridge.  Upon investigation, an unidentified object
was reported, along with bizarre light patterns.  First responders proclaimed
the presence of a conical metallic object, suspended in a yellow mist,
hovering over a clearing in the trees, with a pulsating blue and red circle of
light above.
The men claim that the object seemed to move away from them as they
approached.  They made the immediate claim that the UFO had landed and
not crashed to earth. 
The next morning servicemen returned to the site and
found three small impressions in a triangular pattern were the aircraft had
been, as well as burn marks and broken branches on nearby trees.  They
took Geiger counter readings, which confirmed that radiation levels were ten
times the normal levels.  The witnesses of the occurrence claim to have
been debriefed, threatened, and ordered to sign documents that vowed
silence, including one paper stating that the UFO was a lighthouse.              


The first piece of primary evidence of the event that was distributed to the
public was the "Halt memo."  It was made available under the US Freedom
of Information Act in 1983.  It detailed the incident and included some
eyewitness accounts.  In 1984, a tape became available that detailed Lt.
Colonel Halt and his patrol as they were investigating the incident.  The
Rendlesham Forest event is widely regarded as the most famous UFO
sighting to have occurred in Britain.

2. The Phoenix Lights


On March 13, 1997 a series of optical phenomenon occurred in the skies
over the U.S. states of Arizona and Nevada, and the Mexican state of
Sonora.  Unidentified flying objects and various light formations scattered
the skies.  There were two distinct events involved in the incident: a
triangular formation of lights, and a series of stationary lights seen in the
Phoenix area.  The video and photographic evidence of the event have been
studied by many scientists.  It is widely considered the best photographic
evidence of a UFO.

The intensity of the lights appear to shift from very bright to dim, as each
object moves it becomes indiscernible to the camera.
  The governor of
Arizona, Fife Symington, witnessed the event and became convinced it was
an unidentified object.  After the incident the United States government
released a statement claiming that the lights were test flares dropped by a A-
10 Warthog.  This explanation does not add up for educated viewers of the
tapes and has caused much speculation claiming a cover up.      


1. Space Encounters

One would logically assume that if extraterrestrial beings existed in our
universe that they would be more readily active in space.  This has proven to
be true, as many of the most vivid videos and UFO encounters have come
from astronauts.  Many have claimed that while in the undefined depths of
outer space they witnessed unexplained lights and unnatural phenomenon.  I
will examine some of the more famous cases and videos.


In 1972, the crew of the Apollo 16 moon mission set out to explore the
surface of the moon.  As they began their return to earth the spacemen
recorded a few seconds of video footage of a saucer-shaped object.
NASA has claimed that the object is a floodlight used in the spacewalk.
The footage was leaked to the internet, along with many other NASA

In 1966 two astronauts onboard the tiny Gemini IX spacecraft, Pete Conrad
and Dick Gordon, noticed something strange outside one of the windows.
The photos they took spawned a debate that continues to this day, exactly
what did the astronauts witness.


STS-80 was a Space Shuttle mission flown by Space Shuttle Columbia in
1996.  It lasted 17 days and is the longest Space Shuttle mission in history.
The objectives were to deploy two satellites and successfully recovered
them after they had performed their tasks.  Two spacewalks were planned
for the mission, but were canceled at the last moment.  The crew aboard this
shuttle witnessed some of the most baffling and intriguing UFO phenomenon
ever recorded.  Various unexplained lights and crafts surrounded the crew.                                            

STS-48 was a Space Shuttle mission that launched on September 12, 1991,
from Kennedy Space Center, Florida. The orbiter was Space Shuttle
Discovery.  The mission was completed in 81 revolutions of the Earth
and traveled 2.2 million miles. The five astronauts carried out a number of
experiments and deployed several satellites.  Some of the clearest UFO
footage ever filmed was aboard this shuttle.  In the video you can clearly
see what appears to be unexplained spacecraft.   

STS-75 was a Columbia Space Shuttle mission that launched in the middle
of the 1990’s.  The primary objective of the mission was to carry the
Tethered Satellite System Reflight into orbit and to deploy it spaceward on a
conducting tether.  The tether system would be placed within the rarefied
electrically charged layer of the atmosphere known as the ionosphere. The
conducting tether will generate high voltage and electrical currents as it
moves through the ionosphere across the magnetic field lines of the earth.
It was a breakthrough energy experiment.
In the middle of the project a problem occurred and the tether became
overloaded with over ten times the anticipated amount of energy.  The tether
conductor cable broke separating it from the space shuttle.  As the cable
was floating out into space it was being filmed by the astronauts and was
suddenly swarmed by dozens of unidentified flying objects.  This video is
widely considered the best proof of the existence of extraterrestrial life.  It
can’t be explained by any scientist or video specialist.     

More NASA Footage

Honorable Mentions
UFO Landing Near Ottawa, Canada Video

McMinnville Oregon, Famous UFO Picture


Lake Cote, Costa Rica Aerial Picture


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