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10 Terrifying 911 Emergency Calls


The number 911 is the emergency telephone line for the North American Numbering
Plan, which includes the United States, Canada, Bermuda, and 16 Caribbean countries.
It is an eerie number with a deadly history.  The World Trade Centers were attacked on
9/11 2001 and exactly 911 days later the Madrid train bombings occurred.  When an
individual is faced with a life threatening situation they call 911 for immediate
assistance.  I have collected a list of some of the most terrifying 911 calls ever made.
CAUTION: This list contains graphic material.  It is not recommended for the light of
heart.  Many 911 calls are made during the last moments of an individual’s life. 

10. Is that Sasquatch in my Yard


This 911 call was made by an individual living in the northwest corner of the U.S.  He
phoned the authorities to report a usual looking man lurking around his backyard.  He
was alarmed after his light sensors were set off.  As the call progresses the man gets a
clear look at the being.  He gives an eerie description of what he is witnessing. 

9. O.J. Simpson’s Temper


Nicole Brown Simpson was the ex-wife of former football legend O.J. Simpson.  She
was brutally murdered on June 12, 1994.  O.J. Simpson was tried for her murder and
found innocent.  Simpson had a long history of spousal abuse and was also accused of
assaulting Nicole.  In this 911 call Nicole reports that O.J. Simpson is trespassing and
threatening her.  She states that he physically broke down her back door.  You can tell
from her voice that she is truly terrified of this man.  Towards the end of the call O.J.
enters the house and begins screaming at Nicole. 

8. Michael Jackson Emergency 911 Call


This is the official 911 call that the police received on the day Michael Jackson died.
The caller reports that a 50-year-old male is unresponsive, but never mentions
Jackson’s name.  You can tell from the caller’s tone that the situation is grim and that
Michael is dead.  Hearing the call gives you insight into the seriousness of the situation.
It creates a visual sense of what was occurring during the last moments of Michael
Jackson’s life.

7. Charla Nash is Mauled by a Chimp


In February of 2009 the Stamford, Connecticut authorities received a frantic 911 call.  A
woman reported that her 200 pound chimpanzee was mauling her friend, Charla Nash.
Her descriptions are detailed and the caller feels that Nash has been killed by the
animal.  She repeatedly reports that the chimp “tore the face off her friend” and was
“eating her.”  The authorities arrived at the scene in less than four minutes and killed the
chimp.  Charla Nash suffered extensive facial and hand injuries and was left in critical
condition.  She was treated by hand specialists, plastic surgeons, and specialists in
orthopedics, ophthalmology, and trauma.  She has made some progress towards
recovery, but lost her eyes, nose, and jaw.

6. Sarah Said’s Dying 911 Call


On January 1st, 2008, Amina and Sarah Said were shot to death by their father Yaser
Abdul Said.  At 7:33 PM a 911 call was placed by Sarah Said.  She had been shot
multiple times and can be heard moaning and saying “I’m dying.”  The call was made
from an unknown location and it is extremely short.  At 8:30 PM another call was made
reporting unusual circumstances at a hotel in Irving, Texas.  This led police to the
bodies of the two teenage girls.  A manhunt continues today for the girl’s father, Yaser
Abdul Said.  It is a horribly sad call. 

5. William Parente Murders His Family


William Parente was a New York real estate attorney who murdered his wife and two
daughters.  He then committed suicide.  Parente was under investigation by the FBI for
an alleged Ponzi scheme.  On April 20, 2009, the bodies of four people were found by
staff at a Sheraton hotel in Towson, Maryland.  A 911 call was placed by the hotels
manager.  In the call he describes discovering a dead body, but did not investigate the
room completely.  Police identified the bodies of William Parente, his wife Betty, and
their daughters Stephanie, 19, and Catherine, 11.  The cause of death was determined to
blunt force trauma and asphyxiation, while Parent cut himself and bled to death in the

4. Georgia State 2009 Mass Murders


On August 29, 2009, eight dead bodies were discovered at the New Hope Mobile Home
Park in Glynn County, Georgia, U.S.  At 8 AM the police received a 911 call from a
local resident stating that a 22-year-old man named Guy Heinze Jr. was claiming that he
returned home to find his entire family slaughtered.  During the call Guy Heinze Jr. gets
on the line for a short amount of time. The victims were beaten with a blunt instrument.
Evidence suggested that only one person was responsible for the crime.  The murders
gained international attention and have been referred to as the worst mass murder case in
Georgia state history.  On September 2, 2009 Guy Heinze Jr. was charged with
slaughtering his family.   

3. Mark Saylor and His Family are Killed in a Car Crash


This 911 call documents the fatal cash crash that claimed the lives of California
Highway Patrol officer Mark Saylor and his family.  The group was traveling in a rented
2009 Lexus ES 350 on state Route 125 when the accelerator on the vehicle became
stuck.  The vehicle was steadily increasing in speed with no response from the brakes.  A
911 call was made by one of the members of the car.  The caller stated that their car
would not slow down and that they were traveling at 120mph towards an intersection.
The terrifying call contains the groups last moments before the car crashes killing all
four people inside.  The family’s car entered the intersection
and collided with a Ford
Explorer. It then went over a curb and through a fence before going over an embankment
and becoming airborne.  The car rolled several times before finally bursting into flames
in the San Diego River basin.

In 2007, Toyota Motor Corp, the makers of Lexus cars, recalled more than 30,000 all
weather floor mats used in the 2008 Lexus ES 350 after complaints that the mats would
slip forward and jam the accelerator.  I could not find out if this car was equipped with
all weather floor mats, but you would think that the company would have solved this
problem by the 2009 model.  The cause of the crash could not be determined by the
wreckage.  Without the 911 call the accident would be a complete mystery.

2. Patricia Nielson Columbine High School Call


The Columbine High School massacre occurred on Tuesday, April 20, 1999, at
Columbine High School in Colorado, United States.  Two students, Eric Harris and
Dylan Klebold shot and killed 12 students and one teacher.  The event injured 21 other
students.  Many 911 calls were made from inside the school while the massacre was
being carried out.  The most infamous call was made by teacher Patti Nielson.


Patti was on duty as a lunchroom monitor in the cafeteria when the shooting began.  She
described seeing Eric Harris' smiling face looking at her and then he shot her.  The bullet
grazed her shoulder (in the call you can hear her refer to her shoulder injury).  She then
ran into the library to call 911.  Patti ordered all of the students to get under the tables.
The time period between the call being answered and the shooters entering the library
was four minutes and ten seconds (from the length of the video you can get an idea of
when this occurred).  Before entering, the shooters threw two bombs into the cafeteria
from the staircase in the South Hallway, both of which exploded (this caused the smoke
that Patti refers to in the call). 
The gunman entered the library where 52 students and 4
teachers were hiding (including Patti).  This is where the majority of the massacre
occurred and the pair walked from table to table shooting students.  Authorities did not
enter the school until 1 hour and 46 minutes after the call was placed.  This recording
stops shortly after the killers enter the library.  Patti Nielson was one of the last
survivors to leave the school.

1. Kevin Cosgrove’s Final Words


Kevin Cosgrove was Vice President of Claims for Aon Corporation.  He died in the
World Trade Center attacks.  Cosgrove was located in the northwest corner of the 105th
floor when the plane struck the South Tower.  He became trapped in the office of John
Ostaru, which was engulfed in thick black smoke.  Cosgrove called 911 on his cell
phone and had a five minute conversation.  The call ends with his final heart wrenching
cry of “OH, GOD! O-!” as the South Tower of the World Trade Center collapsed.  The
recording was used in the Zacarias Moussaoui trial, making it public domain.

Let’s Lighten the Mood           


This is a hilarious 911 call placed by a police officer.  The officer reports that he and his
wife consumed marijuana brownies.  He goes on to tell the operator that he thinks that
he is dead, but finds time to ask her about the hockey score.   

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