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10 Must See Jim Carrey Comedy Sketches


Jim Carrey is a Canadian stand-up comedian and prominent Hollywood actor.  In
the early 1980’s Jim Carrey began to make a name in the comedy world.  He was
known for his hilarious celebrity impressions and wild antics.  H
e was noticed by
comedian Rodney Dangerfield, who signed the young comedian to open on his tour
performances.  Carrey was passed up for Saturday Night Live, but gained a
friendship with Keenen Ivory Wayans who was in the process of creating a sketch
comedy show for Fox called In Living Color.  Jim was signed as a cast member
and quickly became one of the featured actors on the show.
During his time with In Living Color Carrey developed many popular characters,
safety inspector Fire Marshall Bill and masculine female bodybuilder
Vera de Milo.  Some of the best examples of his comedic ability surfaced on the
set of In Living Color.  Only months before the end of In Living Color Jim Carrey
landed the role of Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and has since become one of the
most successful actors in Hollywood.  I have collected 10 hilarious Jim Carrey
comedy sketches and performances.

10. Overly Confident Gay Man

The overly confident gay guy was a character that Jim Carrey played in
numerous sketches on In Living Color.  It was one of his most popular
characters and follows the life of a gay man that is not afraid to let others know
how he feels sexually.

9. Imposter by Snow

This is In Living Color’s take on the 1993 hit single Informer, which was
performed by Canadian reggae musician Snow. 
Informer was ranked 39th on
VH1’s list of the 50 Most Awesomely Bad Songs.  Carey’s performance and
the writing is hilarious.

8. Jay Leno

This skit is of Jim Carrey’s portrayal of Jay Leno that aired on In Living Color.
Carrey does a good Leno and in this clip he interviews Sinead O’Connor, who
had become infamous for ripping up a picture of the pope on Saturday Night

7. Jim Carrey - Actors Imitator

This is a video of one of Jim Carrey’s early comic performances.  In the clip he
displays his ability to imitate the facial expressions of famous celebrities.  It
shows off the talent that helped propel Carey to international stardom.

6. Background Guy

When watching a live interview on television the camera is often set up to
include the background crowd.  People can walk by and be seen on live
television.  This has spawned the arrival of that one guy that can’t get enough
attention and air time, the guy that interrupts the viewer’s attention with funny
antics.  Today, when you watch these kinds of interviews you will see four or
five people on their cell phones talking to someone watching them on T.V.

5. The Exxon Family

The Exxon Family is a sketch from In Living Color in which Jim Carrey plays
an accident prone family man.  It is a funny clip and has become one of his
most famous from the show.

4. Ice Ice Baby

In this sketch Carrey steps in as Vanilla Ice and performs In Living Colors
version of Ice Ice Baby, which was a massively successful single in the early
1990’s.  This clip became one of the most classic musical parodies from the

3. Complete Self Defense For Women

In this Living Color sketch Carrey plays the role of a martial arts professional
and women’s self defense instructor.  His character is in pristine fighting
condition and he routinely displays his skills for the disgruntle class members.

2. Rocky Balboa

In this In Living Color skit Carrey portrays the boxing star Rocky Balboa.  Balboa
was played by Sylvester Stallone in numerous Rocky movies.  It is a funny skit
and Carrey’s facial impressions are right on.

1. Fire Marshal Bill

Fire Marshal Bill is probably Jim Carrey’s most famous character from In
Living Color.  Fire Marshal Bill was the only character on In Living Color
to be used extensively in all 5 seasons and Carey’s portrayal helped launch the
show.  The skit included was one of Fire Marshal Bill's first appearances.

Here Are Some More Great Jim Carrey Clips

Fire Marshal Bill Meets Star Trek

MTV Movie Awards Acceptance Speech

Dr. Kevorkian

Mr. Rogers

Dracula Meets Wanda


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