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15 Funny Always Sunny in Philadelphia Clips


It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is a cable television sitcom that follows the
exploits of a group of self-centered friends who run Paddy's Pub, a relatively
unsuccessful Irish bar in South Philadelphia.  It follows the life of Dennis, Mac,
Charlie, Deandra, and Frank, as they attempt to run a successful bar and better
society at the same time.  The gang has a bit of a crude and real sense of humor
and the show tackles some edgy issues.
I have put together a list of 15 funny clips from the first four seasons of It’s Always
Sunny in Philadelphia.  Season five of the show is currently showing on FX
Thursday nights.

15. The Secret of My Success

Mac and Charlie decide to find a second job, so they split a minimum wage
position at the Post Office.  Mac takes the spot of an executive that is out of
town, while Charlie is left in charge of sorting all the mail.

14. Pepe Silvia

This clip is taken from the conclusion of the episode where Mac and Charlie
split a minimum wage job at the Post Office.  After spending days in the
basement sorting mail Charlie soon becomes entangled in a conspiracy
surrounding the mail of Pepe Silvia.

13. Walking in Charlie's Shoes

Charlie shows Dee what it is like to live a day in his shoes.  He is attempting to
discover the root of his problems.  Dee has to stay at his house, eat what he
eats, and go through Charlie’s daily actives.

12. Dee and Charlie Experience The Hunger

In this episode Frank gives Dee and Charlie some meat that they enjoy.  When they
demand that Frank give them more he tells them that it was human meat.  Charlie
and Dee began to feel “the hunger” and try anything to satisfy it.

11. Dennis, Sinbad & Rob Thomas in Rehab

Dennis intentionally gets sent to rehab only to find that he shares
a room with a disgruntle Sinbad and Rob Thomas.

10. A Sex Offender Looks Like Dennis

I have included two clips from this episode in which Dennis strongly resembles a
sex offender that moved into his neighborhood.  People routinely mistake
Dennis for the man, so he goes to his house and confronts him.

9. Mac and His Transsexual Girlfriend

Mac secretly goes and visits his openly transsexual girlfriend played by Brittany
Daniel.  It is funny because she is far from looking like a transsexual.
Brittany’s character makes numerous appearances on the show.

8. Dee Passes Out at the Club

Dee has the problem of getting really drunk when she is around guys that she
likes.  In this episode she gets hammered and passes out while in line to get into
the club.  Dennis decides on joining some lady friends instead of helping his

7. Charlie in Training

Dennis and Mac realize that Charlie is tough ass guy, so they decide to train him
to become a profitable underground street fighter.  Charlie is ready for the
physical punishment.

6. Social Responsibility

The gang has a discussion on social responsibility and serving alcohol to
minors.  They ponder the issue of under age drinking laws.

5. Gun Play    

This clip comes from the episode where Frank and Mac get hooked up with the
mob.  Dee and Charlie get mixed up with some cocaine and the entire gang
seems to have purchased a gun at some point.

4. Mac Did What With Dennis Mom

Mac hooks up with Dennis mom.  The episode begins with Dennis blackmailing
Charlie to get out of work and when Mac approaches Charlie with the news that
Dennis mom tried to have sex with him.  Charlie convinces Mac to take
advantage of the situation.  In retaliation Dennis makes advances on both Mac
and Charlie’s moms.

3. Dee Takes Steriods

Frank decides to teach Dee how to defend herself.  While at the gym training,
Frank runs into an old boxing foe who is also working out with his daughter.
Words are exchanged and a boxing match is set up between the girls.  Of
course Dee turns to steroids to get an edge.

2. Mac and Charlie Stage Their Death

Mac and Charlie decide to stage their death.  The plan is to drive the car at a
concrete wall and jump right before impact, then burn the car and scatter some
teeth for identification.  Things do not go well.

1. Crazy Paddy

Charlie and Dee decide to create a viral video to advertisePaddy’s Pub.  They
have different ideas on what it takes to make a successful internet viral video.


Nate - September 19, 2009 at 11:40 PM
Not a bad list, but I simply cannot give it my stamp of approval with the absence of the
abortion protest/fence climbing scene.

Bryan - September 20, 2009 at 6:10 PM
Good call, that was a funny scene.

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