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Top 20 Must See YouTube Videos


YouTube is the largest video sharing internet site in the world.  In 2006, Google
Inc. purchased YouTube for $1.65 billion and today it stands as the 4th most
visited website in the world.  It is an entertaining site and advertising
juggernaut.  Some of the videos are extremely creative, educational, and
amazing.  I have collected a list of 20 of the most popular, funny, and
incredible YouTube videos ever created. 

20. A Cat Sanctuary

Lynea Lattanxio is a woman that founded the Cat House on the Kings, which is
located four hours north of Los Angeles, California.  The Cat House is a six-
acre cat sanctuary that holds hundreds of cats.  If you have a stray cat it is
welcome at the Cat House on the Kings.

19. The Mona Lisa & Thousands of Post-It Notes

The Mona Lisa created out of thousands of post-it notes.  It is an impressive
piece of art. 

18. Pounding a Nail While Juggling Hammers

This guy decides to juggle three hammers.  While he is jugging he pounds a nail
into the ceiling with the hammers that he is juggling.  It is an amazing trick and
must watch video.

17. Frozen Grand Central Prank

Grand Central is a huge terminal in Midtown Manhattan, New York City.
Improv Everywhere is an organization and television program.  The group
performs acting and situational improv on a mass scale.  In this clip they
decide to gather a couple hundred members and have them act completely still
for five minutes in the middle of Grand Central Station.  It causes a bit of a
ruckus, as others do not understand what is happening.

16. Learning to Fly

Loïc Jean-Albert grew up on the island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean.  He is a
professional parachuter and extreme athlete.  He has been involved with testing
and developing a winged suit.  In this video he takes to the air in the suit and
will forever be known as the “Flying Dude.”

15. Where the Hell is Matt?

Matt decided to go on a world tour of 42 countries in 14 months.  He filmed
himself dancing in all 42 countries and this is his video.  The different
ethnicities, cultures, and scenery are highly interesting.

14. This Saw Does What? Incredible Inventions

This video discusses the SawStop technology that was developed to prevent
people from cutting their fingers off with an electrical saw.  The new model has
a sensor that will immediately stop the saw if it records any levels of electrical
conductivity.  A salty wet finger is highly conductive and the machine will stop
before your finger is cut at all.

13. A Shadow Puppet Performance

This shadow puppet show is set to Louis Armstrong’s What a Wonderful
World.  The performer starts by impersonating Armstrong himself.  It is a
remarkable show and incredible what you can create with shadow puppets.

12. 6-Year-Old Breakdancer

Jalen Testerman or Bboy Jalen is a 7-year-old breakdancer who has been
featured on numerous American talk shows.  Jalen is one of the best child
breakdancer’s in the world.  His moves are incredible and he is so smooth in
his delivery.  This clip features him on the Ellen Show.  Here is a link to his
official website.


11. "Am I Invisible" Prank

This is one of the funniest gags that I have ever seen.  It aired on a German
television prank show.  The crew set up a two-way mirror in a public bathroom and
had two twins opposite each other mimicking each other’s actions.  This gave the
illusion of a real mirror and when a woman comes in to use the bathroom she is
convinced that she is invisible.

10. Grant Johnson and the Yo-Yo

Grant Johnson is one of the most skilled people in the world with the yo-yo, which is one
of the oldest known toys.  Grant is only 14-years-old and has numerous YouTube
videos.  He displays some incredible tricks.

9. Amazing French BeatBoxer

This man is auditioning for a talent show in France and decides to wow the judges with
his beatboxing.  His performance is unbelievable and the best beatboxing that I have
ever heard.  He manages to get two and three separate beats going at the same time.

8. Incredible Ping-Pong Ball Shots

This video has the official title of Billy’s Balls 2 and features Billy making some
incredible ping-pong ball shots.  He makes sure to act cool and non-surprised when
draining a shot, although it probably took him months to complete this video.

7. What You Talkin' About Willis

The facial expression that this baby displays is cute and hilarious.  I think he
has a future in acting because his facial cues are great. 

6. Brainiac - Watch if Very Slowly

Brainiac: Science Abuse is a British entertainment TV show that displays various
scientific experiments.  In this clip they use a high speed camera to slow down some
basic activities.  It gives some great visual effects.

5. Mike Parsons Rides a Huge Wave

This video shows professional surfer Mike Parsons riding a 65 ft. wave off the beaches
of Jaws, Hawaii.  The footage was filmed from a helicopter and is 100% real.  At the
time, it was the biggest wave ever surfed, but Parson’s broke his own record in 2008 at
Cortes Bank.

4. Dana Kunze Dives from 172 Feet

Dana Kunze is a champion high-diver.  He began his career at the age of 13 and in the
early 1980’s broke the record for the highest
dive in history at 52.4 m (172 ft).  He held
the record until 1987 when the current record was set by Oliver Favre at 53.9 m (177

3. The Miniature Earth

If we could turn the world’s population into a small community of 100 people this would
be the result.  This is a great video that gives a true perspective on world relations
surrounding religion, ethnicity, poverty, and more.

2. Rowan Atkinson - Invisible Drum Kit

Rowan Atkinson is a famous British comedian and actor who has starred in numerous
successful television programs.  He is an incredibly funny man and has a great act.   In
this skit he shows off his voice mimicry and plays some invisible drums.

1. The Umbilical Brothers

The Umbilical Brothers are an Australian comedy duo, David Collins and Shane
Dundas.  They are the best in the business at vocal sound effects.  They also use
puppetry, slapstick, mimicry, and various forms of comedy.  The Umbilical Brothers
have numerous videos on YouTube.

More of the Umbilical Brothers

Honorable Mention

Amazing Dog Trick


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Ha Ha, very funny.

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