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Top 10 Hilarious Dave Chappelle Comedy Moments


Dave Chappelle is an American actor, producer, and comedian.  He was born in Washington
D.C. in 1973.  Dave is one of the most well known and skilled stand-up performers today.
His career began to take off with the release of the 1998 comedy Half Baked.  In 2003,
Dave created the massively successful Chappelle's Show
, which aired on Comedy Central
for only one year.  Chappelle’s Show spawned some of the funniest comedy material ever
invented.  Dave’s in your face style appealed to the masses.  I have collected some of the
best Dave Chappelle moments.

10. My Landlord is Addicted to Crack    

9. O’Dweeds - It’s like O’Doul’s but for Weed   

8. Grape Drink 

7. Samuel L. Jackson Beer 

6. Don’t Mess with Wayne Brady  

5. Dave Chappelle’s First Stand-Up

4. He Went to Africa and Bought Yellow Cake

3. Take it Easy Pepe

2. I Will Pee on You

1. I'm Rick James Bitch - Parts 1 & 2

Here's One More


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