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Top 10 Reasons To Visit & Love Canada


Canada is the world’s second largest country by total area.  Beginning in the late 15th
century British and French explorers settled along the Atlantic coast of Canada.  In
1763, the Seven Years’ War ended and France ceded nearly all of its colonies in North
America.  In 1867, Canada was formed as a federal dominion of four provinces and has
been rapidly growing ever since.  Other important legislature passed in the history of
Canada are the Statute of Westminster in 1931 and the Canada Act in 1982.  Canada is
truly a great nation. It shares the world’s longest common border with the United States
to the south and northwest.

10. Hiking, Exploring, & Camping


Canada is a federation composed of ten provinces and three territories. Mountain peaks,
rivers, islands, forest land, falls, and lakes are extremely abundant in Canada. The
Appalachian Mountain, Rocky Mountains, Gaspe Peninsula, Bay of Fundy, Hudson
Bay, Canadian Prairies, Mackenzie River, and Virginia Falls are gorgeous Canadian
destinations.  A large portion of Canada is rarely witnessed by the eyes of man. Animal
and forest life thrive there. If you are a passionate hiker or explorer then this is the place
for you.  The vast coniferous forest land stretches for as far as the eye can see in many
areas of Canada.  Canada holds numerous national parks, including Aulavik Park in the
Northwest Territories and Auyuittuq National Park located on Baffin Island’s
Cumberland Peninsula. 

Picture By Kamal H

9. Hunting, Fishing, Wildlife Viewing


Canada is known for their vast marine and land animal species. Unlike Africa and other
areas of the world you don’t have to be all that cautious because the animals will rarely
harm you, although cougars and grizzlies do inhabitant the land.  Some of the most
abundant species in Canada are black bears, grizzlies, beavers, moose, bobcats, lynx,
coyotes, wolverines, raccoons, porcupine, artic fox, hares, seals, skunks, and many deer.
British Columbia is widely known for its wildlife viewing and camping areas.
The fishing is also some of the best in the world with numerous lakes and rivers to
choose from.  If you prefer remote fly-fishing, many guides will fly you into the brush
for gaming activities. You can white water raft, take horseback lessons, or find the
nearest water hole to swim in.  If you find yourself in Québec they have 700 different
animal species in the area.  Québec has over 35 natural parks and wildlife reserves.

Picture By jurvetson

8. Sasquatch

Bigfoot is an alleged ape-like creature said to be inhabitating the forests and mountains
of the world.  Thousands of reported sighting occur every year with a vast majority
coming out of the Pacific Northwest and Canada.  If there is a true breeding population
of Sasquatch then the rugged long and green forests and mountains of Canada would be
an ideal location. This creature is reported to live in the depths and rarely enters the
realms of humanity.
Many people feel that BigFoot is a  legend based around folklore, misidentification, and
hoaxes, claiming no bodies or clear video.  In 1957, Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin
reportedly filmed a female Bigfoot in Bluff Creek, California.  This remains the best
such video footage ever documented.  The look of the creature could not have been
matched by the biggest blockbuster of the time.  Patterson died in the early 1970’s and
spent the remainder of his life looking for Sasquatch.  Gimlin is still alive today and
claims to have no knowledge of a hoax, unless it was completely orchestrated by
Patterson.  Be sure to stop the video at 1:54.

7. Telephone Technology


The telephone was born in 1874 in Brantford, Ontario when inventor Alexander Graham
Bell first described the scientific principle needed to make a human voice travel over
wires.  Since that time telephones have evolved into a mass phenomenon.  Telephone
technology in Canada has always been better then most competitors.  They have great
advances in internet and television technology and quite a few people in Canada have
computer access.  You can find highly advanced technical equipment in big city
Canadian computer stores.  Canada produces highly intelligent engineers and has
advanced manufactoring processes.

Picture By blmurch

6. Georges St-Pierre


Georges was born in Saint-Isidore, Quebec in 1981.  He is a mixed martial artist who
currently holds the UFC Welterweight belt. St-Pierre is ranked as one of the top three
“pound-for-pound” fighters in the world by multiple MMA sources.  He is also a
striking force behind the fastest growing sports organization in the world.  He is a solid
rock of endurance.  St-Pierre spends countless hours training and preparing for his next
opponent.  In 2008, he was named the Canadian Athlete of the Year and is cherished in
Quebec as a national sports star.  St-Pierre is special man and I don’t see him losing a
fight for a long time.

5. Diamonds


Diamonds are one of the most expensive and sought after gemstones in the world.  They
have been used for royalty and engagement rings since the 15th century.  Diamonds have
the ability to start a war and create genocide.  They are hard to find and there are a
limited number of commercially viable mines in the world.  Canada is among the
leaders in diamond productivity.  There are eight diamond mines in South Africa and
Canada has six.  Diavik, Ekati, Jericho, Snap Lake, Victor, and Gahcho Kue Diamond
Mine Projects are all in Canada.  Many of these are in the far reaches of civilization.
The hit television show Ice Road Truckers chronicles men who drive large mechanical
parts up to the diamond mines.  The only way to reach many mines by truck is to travel
over the vast lakes when they freeze over for the winter.  

Picture By dbking

4. Education System & Health Care


The education system in Canada is among the best in the world.  They spend a lot of
government money to maintain great facilities and skilled educators.  In Ontario and
New Brunswick education is compulsory until age 18.  Education in both English and
French languages are readily available throughout Canada.  Around 8% of Canadian
children attend elite private schools.  A “victory lap” refers to when a 12th grade
students decided to return for a second year of grade 12, which is a common occurrence
in Ontario.
The health care system in Canada is also superior to that of many countries.  Health care
in Canada is delivered through a publicly-funded system.  In the system various levels of
the government pay for about 71% of the citizens health care cost.  The Universities in
Canada are also reknown for their great education and cheap prices.

3. Low Crime, Clean Water & Air


Canada has some of the freshest air and water in the world.  You can drink the water
directly out of the tap, which is much different from many areas of the world.  Pollution
is hard to find even in many big Canadian cities. With the vast lakes and rivers Canada
has more clean water then any other nation. The average life expectancy in Canada is 79
years, which is the oldest in the world.  Homicide and serious crime is much less
frequent in Canada.  There was a total of 594 murders in all of Canada in 2007.  In the
United States 11 million crimes were reported in 2007.  I could not find an exact figure
for murders, but you have somewhere around a 400% better possibility to be murdered
in the U.S. then Canada.  Inflation is low in Canada, unemployment is not an enormous
issue, and the welfare programs are better.

Picture By Snap

2. 2010 Winter Olympics


The 21st Winter Games will be held February 12-28 in Vancouver, British Columbia.
Some of the events will be conducted in the nearby resort town of Whistler.  This will
be the third Olympics ever hosted by Canada.  Olympic hockey will be on the venue. The
Olympics will be an enormous draw and bring people from all over the world. The
tickets are hard to come by already and just being in the atmosphere of the games would
be special. The greatest athletes in the world will be on the ultimate stage performing in
events like bobsled, luge, figure skating, curling, ski jumping, snowboarding, and the
list goes on. The opening ceremonies will be held in Vancouver and Richmond.  I can’t
wait for this massive event to occur in North America once again, another great reason
to plan a trip to Canada.

1. Great Tourist Attractions


Canada is one of the most visited countries in the world.  The natural and developed
tourist attractions will astound the masses.  The Canadian Rockies are incredible.  They
have been glaciated, resulting in sharply pointed mountains separated by wide U-shaped
valleys.  Some great spots near the mountains are Lake Louise, Moraine Lake, Mount
Robson, Mt. Edith Cavell, and Maligne Lake.  Pacific Rim National Park is located on
Vancouver Island’s rugged westcoast.  This is a great place to view nature and do some
whale watching, surfing, visit Hot Springs Cove, and take a hike on the West Coast
Cabot trail is a 300 km trail through the highlands of Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton, on
Canada’s east coast.  It is a scenic drive and rises high above the waters of the Gulf of
St. Lawrence.  You can also take a bicycle or sea kayak along the trail.  The Bay of
Fundy stretches between the provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.  It has the
highest tides in the world and that makes for a vast array of sea life.  You can find eight
different species of whales, dolphins, porpoises, many kinds of fish, seabirds, and more.
The Bay overlooks the rock cliffs, sandstone, mud flats, and marsh plateaus.

Picture By HBarrison


Baffin Island is Canada’s largest island and the fifth largest island in the world.  It is
located between Greenland and the Canadian mainland in the territory of Nunavut.
Most of the island lies above the Artic Circle and its residents are subject to polar
nights and the midnight sun.  The island contains an abundance of animal life, including
whales, walrus, caribou, polar bear, lemming, arctic wolf, seals, shore birds, and sea
You can also arrange dog slead rides and snowmobiling lessons.  Canada contains great
prairie land between the Rocky Mountains in the West and the Great Lake region in
central Canada.  You can visit Canada’s boreal forest in this region, which sits on
relatively undisturbed land.  For a true taste of the Canadian prairies head to
Saskatchewan and Manitoba provinces.  Old Québec City is a wonderful tourist
destination and one of the oldest remaining cities in North America.  You can tour some
of the oldest neighborhoods such as Petit Champlain, Place-Royale, and the Old Port.

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