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Top 10 Scary & Haunted Places of the World


The world is full of odd and mysterious places.  Many historical sturctures have an
unexplained presence inside of them.  People often times report hearing unusual noises,
witnessing unexplained visuals, and feeling a sense of dread or doom on these grounds.
It could be a battlefield, jail, ancient castle, or place of utter tragedy.  I would love to
visit all of the landmarks on this list.  Here is a list of some of the most haunted places
in the world.

Photo By nalilo

10. Waverly Hills Sanatorium


Waverly Hills Sanatorium is located in Louisville, Kentucky.  In 1910 it opened as a two-story hospital to accommodate tuberculosis patients.  In the early 20th century there was an outbreak of tuberculosis in several areas of the United States.  To try and contain the disease various hospitals were deployed to house these patients.  Basically, it was a house of death.  In 1926, Waverly Hills expanded to a five story structure and housed 400 patients at a time.  After the introduction of streptomycin in 1943, the cases of tuberculosis gradually lowered and Waverly Hills closed in 1961.  From 1961 to 1981 it was turned into a medical asylum for mentally ill individuals. 

This building is known as one of the most haunted hospitals in America.  It is estimated that 63,000 people died in the Sanatorium.  There are also rumors that many patients were mistreated, tortured, and even experimented on at this site.  A body chute or death tunnel was also created on these grounds.  It traveled 500 feet to the bottom of the hill where the bodies were disposed of.  It has been said that if you go near the tunnel opening at night that loud bellows and awkward sensations can be felt.  Many get the feeling that someone is standing right behind them breathing on their neck.  These are not nice spirits as people get the instant inclination to run.  The lack for respect of life can be felt in the air as you enter the broken down building.  Today, the sanatorium is under construction to become a haunted hotel.

The Tunnel


Pictures By Conspiracy of Happiness

9. Saint Louis Cemetery No. 1


Picture By Lucid Nightmare

Saint Louis cemeteries are a group of three plots in New Orleans.  The graves are all in above ground vaults.  Saint Louis cemetery #1 is the oldest graveyard in America and was built in 1789.  It is less then a mile away from the Mississippi River.  It spans only a block, but over 100,000 bodies can be found there.  After Hurricane Katrina the entire area was flooded, but did not sustain damage because of the above ground tombs.  Had the bodies been buried in the ground it could have been a grisly scene.  The city of New Orleans has always been noted for voodoo, spells, and paranormal activity.  Saint Louis Cemetery is the ultimate hot spot.

Many people will not go near this area in the dead of night when the spirits are said to walk the grounds.  Reports claim that the figures will hide and watch you, but if you notice them they will follow you.  People also have claimed to feel numbing in their extremities.  Others have witnessed flashes of light, heard screams, and felt an uneasy presence.  These are not friendly ghosts and individuals have been knocked off their feet by an unexplained force.  This seems to occur in certain areas of the cemetery and around specific landmarks.


Picture by pwbaker

8. The Rose Hall Great House


The Rose Hall Great House is located 10 miles east of Montego Bay and is one most infamous houses in Jamaica.  The structure was built in the 1770’s by George Ash.  The house was constructed on a hill overlooking the coast and was developed in the style of a Georgian Mansion.  In the early 1800’s John Palmer took control of the property and his wife Annie Palmer joined him.  At that point the documentation surrounding the history of the house stops, but the legend of the White Witch was only beginning.  People claim that Annie Palmer was a black magician who was trained in the art of voodoo.  She is said to have murdered three of her husbands with various spells.  

Annie Palmer was strangled to death at the Rose Hall Great House.  Over the years many people have reported seeing the ghost of Annie Palmer and have labeled her the White Witch.  Numerous websites are dedicated to examining the many ghostly images taken in this building.  Certain people have claimed to see Annie peering at them through the multiple mirrors in the house.  Individuals have reported visions of bloodstained sheets, heart stopping screams, and the sensation of being tied down.  There has also been creaking noises heard from the vast tunnels once woven under the land.  Children seem to be more susceptible to the mental manipulation of the White Witch.  She is yet to harm anyone, but makes it perfectly clear that your presence is not wanted.  In the 1960’s American millionaire John Rollins fixed up the building and today it is a world class hotel.

The Cellar

Pictures By Heather

7. Chillingham Castle

Chillingham is a medieval castle in the northern part of Northumberland, England.  It has been an important stronghold in English history.  The castle was a monastery in the late 12th century.  In 1298, Edward Longshanks stayed in the castle on his way to battle a Scottish army led by William Wallace.  This site had significant importance in medieval times.  It was located on the border between England and Scotland and was used as a gathering post for English soldiers.  The structure was repeatedly attacked and besieged by the Scottish.  During World War II the castle was used as a barracks.  After the war it steadily fell into disrepair until Sir Humphry Wakefield, 2nd Baronet, purchased the land in the 1980’s.  Today parts of the castle are open to the public.  Many people feel this is the most haunted castle in England.  It has been featured on numerous ghost hunter programs.  The most identifiable spirit is the blue (or radiant) boy.  This aspiration often appears as a blue flash or halo. 

When construction work was being done on the castle a man discovered a young boy’s remains inside a 10-foot-thick wall.  The boy had shards of blue cloth around him.  At the stroke of midnight people claim to hear the child’s screams.  Another spirit that walks the castle grounds is Lady Mary Berkeley.  She was the wife of Lord Grey, who ran off with her sister eventually leaving Mary with only her child and the castle walls.  There are claims of hearing a woman singing, the sound of a rustled dress, or sweeping noises.  It has been hypothesized that she is still cleaning the castle to this day.  In the past, torture and execution was a staple in the buildings cellar.  John Sage was a man that conducted torture in Chillingham castle during the 13th century.  His ghost is said to periodically wander the dark corridors of this building looking for another subject to test out his newest techniques.

Torture Chair

Picture By Miche

Look at Faces in the Wall, Plus Girl in the Chair

6. Gettysburg Battlefield


Picture By Pablo Sanchez

The Battle of Gettysburg was fought July 1-3 in 1863.  It is the most deadly and bloody battle in American history.  The fighting commenced around the city of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  It is identified as the turning point in the American Civil War and ended Robert E. Lee’s invasion of the North.  More then 50,000 Americans lost their lives in the three-day battle.  It led directly to President Lincoln’s historic Gettysburg Address.  After this battle the ground was littered with thousands of bodies, including over 3,000 horses.  I can’t imagine the scene this would have created.  Since that faithful day there have been numerous reports of ghostly phenomenon, with many souls making their way back to Gettysburg. 

Devil’s Den was the site of the majority of fighting on the second day of the battle.  This is reportedly the most haunted area in the United States.  Cameras and electronic equipment often cease to work on these grounds.  People also claim to have their cameras forcefully knocked out of their hands.  In the dead of the night snare drums and soldier’s songs can be heard. 
Farnsworth House Restaurant and Inn, which is located in the same genearl area also has a history of haunting.  During the battle it was a sharpshooter’s nest.  Residents often hear loud noises coming from the attic.  Certain soldiers are often reported to be walking the grounds in their uniforms, possibly in search of a way home.


Cyclorama by buddhakiwi


Picture By keithreifsnyder

5. Winchester Mystery House


Picture By bella731

This story begins with William Winchester and his development of the Winchester rifle.  These rifles were among the earliest repeating rifles and have been labeled “The Gun that Won the West.”  William made a fortune off the invention, but died of tuberculosis when he was only 44-years-old.  His wife Sarah Winchester inherited 50% of the company and was making approximately $1,000 a day, equivalent to $22,000 in today’s market.  During this time Sarah would often tell people that she was hearing voices.  She sought out a psychic and was told that her family was haunted by everyone who had died at the hands of a Winchester rifle.  The medium went on to say that Sarah was going to move west and build a house for the spirits.  She moved to California and purchased 162 acres of land and began construction on her new house.  She insisted that work be done continuously 24 hours a day.  People worked on this building 7 days a week, 365 days a year, for the next 38 years, until the day Sarah died at the age of 83 in 1922. 

The mansion became so extravagant and confusing that maids needed a map to find their way around.  The weird thing was that Sarah demanded strange and unusual architecture, including doors that open into walls, staircases that lead nowhere, windows that face walls, and the recurring use of the number thirteen.  There are thirteen bathrooms, the windows have thirteen panes, and there are thirteen chandeliers.  Her will was written in thirteen sections, which she signed thirteen times.  It is thought that Mrs. Winchester was attempting to confuse the ghosts.  Today you can take tours of the house, but be careful.  Ghostly phenomenon is often reported, including phantom turning of pages, organs playing by themselves, banging doors, loud voices, mysterious spots of light, and fog like illusions.  One such report tells the tale of a man who was riding one of the three elevators by himself.  He turned to his left and saw an image of a man’s back starring into a corner.  Being so close to the object the man touched the figure, only to have to turn around and vanish.  He reported that the face was human looking.

Stairs to Nowhere

Picture By Yogi

4. Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp


Picture By MegaBash

Auschwitz was the largest of Nazi Germany’s concentration and extermination camps.  It is located in Poland close to the town of Oświęcim.  It is estimated that between 1.5 and 3 million people lost their lives at this location, 90% were Jewish men, women, and children from almost every country in Europe.  The majority of these brave souls perished in the vast amount of gas chambers in the camp, also starvation and diseases were constant.  Almost every form of torture and human experimentation was used by the Nazis.  It is truly the most horrific crimes in the history of the world.  In 1947, Poland founded a museum at the site out of respect and remembrance of the victims. 

It is such a dark and sorrowful place and the existence of ghostly phenomenon have been reported there throughout history.  It is said that you will never hear a bird chirp or sing on the grounds of Auschwitz.  If you dare enter the torture chambers or certain areas of the site at night you will not be alone.  People often report hearing the sound of stomping as if thousands of people are walking in a line.  Screams and pleads for help can sometimes be heard cascading throughout the complex, bouncing off the walls and giving the illusion that it is coming from every direction.  Babies crying, shadowy figures, and illusions are often reported, usually once night falls.  People have claimed to see the ghost of Irma Grese wondering the grounds.  She was a member of the Nazi party and was a guard at Auschwitz.  Cruel as one person can be, Grese was executed for her war crimes.  She is often seen with an agonizing look on her face.


Picture By lumiere

3. Leap Castle


This castle is one of the most haunted places in the world.  It is located four miles to the north of the town of Roscrea, Ireland.  It was built by the O'Bannon family in 1250, but by 1557 the O'Carrolls had gained possession of the land.  The castle was used as a jail and torture chamber, with many innocent men, women, and children being put to death in the dungeon.  Not far from the site workers discovered a hidden oubliette, which is a hole where people are locked away and forgotten about.  An excavation of the oubliette was performed and it was noticed that the ground was covered in spikes.  It took the workers three cartloads to remove all of the human bones.  Amongst the carnage a pocket watch from the 1840’s was found.  This confused historians as the jail was not thought to be active at that time.  In 1991, the castle was purchased by Sean Ryan and is privately owned.   

Over the years numerous unexplained phenomenon have occurred on these grounds.  The majority of the reports surround one particular being.  It is a hideous looking creature with human like eyes.  It is not a friendly ghost and if you witness this spectacle you will quickly be running in the other direction.  The experience is often supplemented by an awful rotting stench of a decomposing corpse and the smell of sulphur.  There have also been reports of intense psychic attacks, including feeling like something is pushing on your head causing lack of breath and panic.  Violent images have been seen in the dark hallways.  In one such case a man claimed to see two people wearing red coats breaking the arms of several women.  Cameras and video recorders often times lock up and do not work in the building.  While reconstructing the castle Sean Ryan has had two separate accidents, breaking his ankle and kneecap.

2. Poveglia Island


Poveglia is a small Island located between Venice and Lido in the Venetian Lagoon of Italy.  The bubonic plague and Black Death first appeared in Europe in the 14th century.  The disease infects the lymphatic system and if not treated the individual will be dead in a week.  The infection usually resulted from a flea bite.  The plague hit Italy in 1576 and thousands of dead bodies were starting to pile-up, creating an unsanitary environment.  People were starting to panic, so they took all of the dead bodies to the Island of Poveglia and burned them.  They also dug pits on the Island for the corpses.  Things became so bad that a law was enforced.  It stated that if you had any signs of the bubonic plague, you were to be taken from your house and put on Poveglia Island.  This included children and babies.  Imagine the horror, utter ciaos, misery, and crime that must have been constant on the Island.  In all over 160,000 people died on Poveglia.

In 1922, a mental hospital was built on the Island.  Myth says that the operator of the hospital was an evil man.  He would continually experiment on his patients trying to discover the cause of insanity.  When the patients died he would throw them from the bell tower.  Today the Island is closed to the public and tourists are not invited.  There is still a layer of human ash covering certain parts of the Island.  Soon after the Black Death passed people began hearing strange noises coming from the vacant Island.  The bell tower is often heard chiming, although it has been vacant for years.  People have often reported seeing a black mist circling the Island.  The mist calls your name and invites you into its depths of hell and when you return many become extremely ill.  I have also read one encounter of a farmer who became lost on the Island.  He knew his way around, but was uncontrollably traveling in circles.


1. Tower of London


Picture By schlaeger

The Tower of London is one of the most storied buildings in England.  The structure is located within the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, which is on the east side of London.  The tower is a set of complex buildings that originated in 1075 under the reign of William the Conqueror.  The castles primary function has been a fortress, but in the past it has been used as a jail, an armoury, a treasury, and a place of torture and execution.  The walls of these buildings have seen some eerie things.  The amount of royalty that has died in this building is astounding.  Two cases that I will be examining are the Princes in the Tower and Anne Boleyn. 


Picture By OliverN5

In 1470, Edward V was born and three years later his brother Richard of Shrewsbury, 1st Duke of York entered the world.  There parents were Edward IV of England and Elizabeth Woodville.  Edward V was heir to the throne of England.  In 1483, Edward IV became ill and eventually passed.  His brother Richard III of England was not going to let a 13-year-old boy steal his power.  Both boys were declared illegitimate rulers by an Act of Parliament known as the Titulus Regius, which gave the thrown of England to Richard III.  He threw the boys in the Tower of London and segregated them from everyone.  They both died a few months later and there is no record of any funerals.  People claim to hear the cries and conversation between two small boys on the castle grounds.

Richard III died two years later when Henry Tudor (King Henry VII) took over the crown of England and became Lord of Ireland.  He died in 1509 and one of the most infamous rulers in English history Henry VIII became King.  Anne Boleyn was the second wife of Henry VIII.  He began his pursuit of her even though he was married to Catherine of Aragon.  Anne resisted, as adultery was a major crime in the day.  Henry VIII eventually gained control of Anne Boleyn.  Anne was crowned Queen of England in 1533 and soon gave birth to Elizabeth I.  Henry VIII became angry with Anne because she did not produce a male heir.  He had her falsely tried for adultery and incest.  She was beheaded in 1536 at the Tower of London.  The political and religious outcry that followed helped start the English Reformation.  Since her death Anne Boleyn’s ghost has been said to walk the castle grounds.  She is often holding her head.  People have reported feeling a ghostly presence and a sensation of a cloak being put over their face.


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Lemp mansion In St Louis... scary as hell the Lemps were NUTS.... Also Isle Of the
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