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10 Funny & Amazing Internet Videos


An Internet meme is a catch phrase or concept that spreads quickly from person to person
through computer networking.  While I feel that certain memes are just erroneous and
can be quite annoying at times.  Some of these videos are pretty funny and entertaining.
I have developed a list with some of my favorite internet videos that have become
extremely popular on many social networking sites.  I am always on the look out for
funny and amazing videos, so be sure to let me know of some omissions.

10. Ninja Cat

It seems that many people are fascinated with ninjas.  Why not?  With their black suits,
stealth, and deadly tactics, a ninja will creep up on you with precision.  Watch as this cat
displays its technique. 

9. Weezer - Pork and Beans Video

Pork and Beans is a song released on Weezer’s 2008 self-titled album.  The video was an instant internet sensation as it featured numerous YouTube celebrities and memes.  It is a funny and creative video.  The song spent eleven weeks at #1 on Billboard’s Modern Rock chart.  The video won a Grammy for Best Short Form Music Video in 2009.

8. Little Mac

Have you ever wondered about the heartache that Little Mac of Mike Tyson’s Punch Out goes through after every loss?  This man is so close to the title only to be defeated by Bald Bull, Soda Popinski, Super Macho Man, or Tyson himself.  Mac is then pushed back to the first stage of training.  This advertisement for the new Punch Out game is entertaining.  

7. The Simpsons New Title Sequence

Earlier this year, The Simpsons changed their opening title sequence.  After 19 years with the infamous opening credits, they felt it was time for a slight change.  Basically, the creators just made the clip a bit longer and added in many more Simpson’s characters.  You decide if you like it better then the original.

6. David After the Dentist

David is a 7-year-old kid who had to be put under in order to get some mouth surgery.  This is normal procedure and immediately following the operation you can feel a bit woozy.  In David’s case, he got messed up.  This is a funny clip and be sure to remember that David only felt like this for a short amount of time before crashing and waking up a bit more refreshed.

5. Mythbusters Vaporize a Car with a Rocket Sled

Mythbusters is a good show that often shows destruction.  They have become famous for destroying cars in a creative manner.  In this episode they decide to take a rocket filled sled and ram it into a car at 700 mph.  It is a pretty amazing spectacle.  The crew is even surprised at what they did.

4. SNL Digital Short - Jizz In My Pants

This is a digital short that aired on Saturday Night Live on December 6, 2008.  It is the debut single from The Lonely Island, whose members are Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone, and Akiva Schaffer.  It is a funny video with a traditional Lonely Island feel.  Look for cameos by Justin Timberlake, Molly Sims, and Jamie-Lynn Sigler.

3. Stand By Me - A Collaboration

This is a great video collaboration with various people singing Ben E. King’s classic tune Stand By Me.  The majority of the artists are street performers.  The video travels around the world to get various interpretations of the song from different cultures.  It is a touching scene and truly remarkable to see that so many people know and love Stand By Me.

2. 2 Pictures - 2 Kinds of Goodbye

I found this extremely touching and sad, so I had to add it to the list.  It is a set of pictures and not a video, but is extremely powerful.  It lets people know just how real war is.  It is also a tribute to all fallen soldiers, come home quickly. 


You Can’t Fake This Stuff


1. We Didn’t Stop the Flame War

Set to the music of Billy Joel’s We Didn’t Start the Fire, this video pokes fun at some of the most outrageous postings people have left on Digg.  With a clear satirical undertone the creators tackle the issue of racism on the internet. 

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Posted May 12, 2009